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What We Do

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

An effective website is more than an online catalogue: it's an extension of your organisation's identity. We realise you are unique. By taking the time to listen, we learn about your business and recreate its authenticity in a visual form.

Once the design concept is complete, our team of developers can then transform it into a fully functional website. From corporate websites to e-commerce systems, Zeal has the technical knowledge to make it happen.

Technical Services

Technical Services

Our job isn’t done when development stops. Zeal also provides hosting and technical support to keep your site running reliably. Placing the design, development and maintenance in the hands of one company makes communication simpler, saving time and money.

Being involved right from the start, we can advise on the appropriate technical strategy as your organisation grows in scale and complexity. Zeal brings together the right mix of talent to create a solution that matches the current needs. Others offer you just HTML; at Zeal, we deliver the whole widget.

Collaboration platforms

Collaboration Platforms

With remote teams and telecommuting a common reality in today’s workplace, information-sharing tools are essential. And by sharing, we don’t mean just e-mail. To stay competitive, knowledge must be extracted from inboxes and disseminated across the entire organisation.

Information systems provide an answer, but if technology isn't your core business, they tend to be complicated and expensive. G Suite was designed from the ground up for the cloud to address these challenges. As an official Google partner, Zeal Industries has the skills to design and implement an Apps-based solution particular to your needs.


Brand Identity

Whether you're a startup or an established company, a strong brand identity is vital in connecting with your target audience. After all, a brand is about more than just a logo: it’s about delivering a promise.

At Zeal Industries, our promise is to create a powerful brand identity consistent with your values. We make it happen by discovering the unique combination of words, colours and design that is authentic to your organisation's character.