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Web-hosting platform

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10 October 2014

We pride ourselves on creating great websites. But even after we deliver the finished product, Zeal's work is not yet done. Clients value our meticulous approach and entrust their websites to the management of Zeal Industries. It also means that there is just one party that is responsible for all aspects of their web presence, making communications smoother and response times faster.

In keeping with industry best practices, Zeal's web-hosting architecture is based on cloud technology. The main advantages of cloud computing are in its flexibility and economies of scale. As a result, Zeal is able to maintain a technically advanced platform, all at a reasonable cost.

Recently, our Engineering team incorporated caching technologies to increase the speed of downloading multimedia content. Subsequently, another feature was implemented to improve the reliability of backups so that clients can be sure that their data are safely managed.

Technology is constantly evolving; Zeal keeps apace of these changes and ensures our web-hosting platform remains at the forefront of the industry.