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Web-based HR system

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10 October 2014

When a client was looking for a way to streamline its HR processes, we advised them on selecting a cloud solution. We understand the issues companies face in terms of cost and infrastructure, and in this context, the cloud provides a definite edge.

Firstly, it offers financial flexibilty: there are no capital outlays nor fixed commitments. Subscribers simply pay for what they use and can cancel at any time. Secondly, your data are easily accessible, improving collaboration and efficiency.

Both were important considerations for the client, which led them to select Zoho People, part of the Zoho Office suite. Operating in several locations, the ability for employees to access the system over the web was a decided attraction. In addition, the fact that People was ready to use straight away without complicated configuration was another advantage over traditional software packages.

Last but not least, the lack of any up-front costs and a flexible subscription model made financial sense.

If you're ready to take the leap to the cloud as well, let us help you on the way.