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10 October 2014

Zeal Industries was engaged by a Hong Kong gallery to re-design its existing website. One of the main motivations of the upgrade was to facilitate the management of the gallery's online content, which included artist biographies, artworks and exhibition details.

Drupal, as one of the top performing content-management systems, naturally fit the bill. The team at Zeal Industries therefore set about porting the entire website to the Drupal foundation. The end result was a cleaner and more consistent presentation of the site's content. Moreover, by using Drupal's web-based editor, the gallery staff could now update the site's pages themselves, without the need to rely on a web developer, let alone know any HTML code.

As an added bonus, Drupal's built-in multi-lingual support enabled the gallery to offer two versions of the website: one in English and another in Chinese. To catch up with the latest exhibitions, you can visit their website.