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Work smarter, not harder

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19 March 2015
Cloud technology is something that Zeal seriously understands. And that’s not just marketing copy: we run our own mission-critical operations online. We’ve also applied our expertise in this field to advise clients in their transition to cloud services.
A case in point: Zeal took the lead in managing the migration of a client’s employees from a traditional e-mail system to Google’s cloud alternative. Tom Tailor Sourcing has operations in several countries across Asia, which placed a premium on efficient collaboration. The major issue we discovered was the overuse of e-mail. In practice, this meant information was hidden away in individual inboxes, preventing its efficient sharing.
Zeal’s role covered all aspects of the migration, from start to finish. First, we planned the technical aspects of the transition to Google for Work, which we also executed. However, we identified the key to the project’s success was effecting change in the way employees went about their work.
As such, we designed and ran an extensive training programme to ensure that all 250 employees could use the new Google tools effectively. The programme included workshops, internal competitions and a regular newsletter to reinforce the learning process. The end result was a resounding success and most importantly, a satisfied client. 
We set out to shift our 250 staff, spread over six offices across Asia to Google for Work. Our objective was to improve communication and the sharing of information among all staff. Zeal was our partner from the early idea stage all the way through having ​everyone up and running on Google for Work. [Zeal’s founder] Benjamin and his team did an outstanding job in support and training users, not only during the migration phase but continuously throughout the project.
  - Jacob Rojens, Global Director of Sourcing, Tom Tailor


Photo credit: Bethany Legg