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The synthesis of art and technology

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12 March 2015

Hong Kong’s art scene has developed in leaps and bounds during the past few years. The evidence is clear to see this weekend as several art fairs arrive in town: the local edition of Art Basel, as well as Art Central and the Asia Contemporary Art Show.

The colourful canvases and elegantly dressed crowds at the Exhibition Centre will be sure to capture the public’s attention. Behind the scenes, however, there is a lot of planning and organisation that goes into ensuring the smooth running of such a large event. And much of this is made possible through the power of technology.

People may think art and technology at opposite ends of the spectrum, but in fact the astute application of technology can transform any business.

Zeal Industries has had the chance to work with a few art-related clients. A Hong Kong-based gallery engaged us to build a content-management system, so that they could easily update their website on a daily basis - all without the need of a web developer.

Another project we delivered was a booking system for an international art fair. Taking advantage of our knowledge of e-commerce and understanding of the client’s business processes, we developed a fully functional website that allowed exhibitors to reserve space, sign contracts and pay deposits online.

Zeal was also involved in the creation of an online gallery for an independent artist. In all cases, our contribution was to understand the client’s problems and provide the appropriate solution to solve them.

This illustrates Zeal’s slogan of creative technology: we identify the issues and apply our technical expertise in their resolution. We follow the same approach regardless of the domain, be it art or otherwise.

So if you’re looking for a trusted partner to make technology work for your business, we’d look forward to hearing from you.


Photo credit: Jordan McQueen