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A brand is a promise

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10 April 2015

What are the values you stand for? How can you connect with your customers? What are the potential markets and opportunities? How strong are your competitors? These are all essential questions when defining your brand.

The fundamental of branding is understanding your customers and stakeholders. Branding is never about the brand per se: it’s about how it connects with target audiences, and builds relevance and esteem in their hearts and minds. As a result, the exercise of creating a brand identity always begins with the audience.

People often confuse branding with logo design, which is just one facet (and actually an outcome) of the branding process. There are many elements that go into building a brand identity. Zeal understands how they complement each other to form a unified whole that is both distinctive and compelling. So if you're looking to create a new brand for your business, come talk to us.


Photo credit: Jeff Sheldon